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paper lid (80mm and 90 mm)made from plant fibers


Two paper paper lid (80mm and 90 mm)made from plant fibers

In the future, the development of catering packaging must be environmentally friendly and degradable. To protect the environment, our company will continue to research and produce more biodegradable, high quality food packaging.

(1) The following explanation is given as to whether the two paper cover machines are sold: At present, we only have cold drink paper lid (80 mm and 90 mm) machines sold abroad. The cold drink paper lid is a mold and production machine that we have developed in cooperation with machinery manufacturers. In China, apart from our company and machinery factory, you can’t find a third manufacturer that can sell cold paper covers and machines because we don’t currently sell machines to Chinese paper cup makers.

(2) Hot drink paper lid was developed in cooperation with Japanese companies. We do not have the right to sell the machine. The lid was shown at the China exhibition last month. Maybe you can find related pictures online. Therefore, if you are interested in these covers, our company is the best choice.

These two lids were only available in July 2019. The reason for developing these two lids:

(1) Compared with the plastic lid of the conventional PS, we chose the same paper as the paper cup to produce the paper cup lid. The paper lid of the cold drink is suitable for cold drinks cups of KFC and McDonald’s Coca-Cola.

(2) Hot drinks paper lid (80mm and 90mm) raw materials are also the same paper as paper cups, no need to tear open straw (already sold), suitable for Starbucks coffee shop.

(3) Future development direction: (a) In the case of sufficient supply of PLA raw materials, our paper covers will also use environmentally degradable raw materials. (b) When non-plastic coated food grade cardboard can obtain national standards, we will also use it for the production of paper lids and paper cups. In the near future, the production of plastic-free paper cups and paper lids can be fully realized.